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Asset Monitoring

Assets are very important for companies, especially physical assets which are part of the operational process of an industry. Well-maintained assets will make the company's business run more smoothly.
asset monitoring

The asset maintenance is carried out regularly based on scheduled monitoring control. Those regular controls reveal the number of assets, the condition of the assets and the detail location of the assets. In old ways, the officers are filling out forms on paper to give data report about the asset monitoring. Now, say bye to your loads of paperwork notes because Digital LogSheet is here to help solving problems effectively and efficiently. Everything is faster, valid and accurate with one simple platform. We come with our best solution and offer. So, what are you waiting for? Have a try and feel the excellence!

Ease and Application of Digital LogSheet on Asset Monitoring

  • Easy to use and fast installation process
  • Using a Scan QR Code on equipment
  • Protect and prevent damage to equipment
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime 24 hours using a smartphone/tablet or web-connected to the internet
  • Saves time and resources in monitoring and controlling equipment
  • Added features according to customer requests and following existing problems in the field
power plant Power plant
In the power plant industry, everything is monitored and controlled by operational workers in the field to check the condition of all generators in each unit.
oil and gas plant oil and gas plant
Maintenance management of facilities, tools, or equipment in the oil and gas industrial sector is an obligation which is carried out to ensure the product continuity.

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