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LogSheet Digital gives you many features that are reliable, safe and effective. These features will assist you in various sectors of industry. By providing this, we hope we can offer solutions and alternatives for your operational problems such as monitoring, controlling and inspection at both the operational and the management level.
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Multi platform
You do not need to worry because this application is accessible for many operating systems. Everything is within your reach.

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QR Code & RFID Tags
We try to minimize human error and save your time by using QR code and RFID technology and put a unique key in each managed tool or machine. You can as well modify the QR and RFID as card tag or sticker that are easily put on items. We provide 2 types of RFID scanning, namely High Frequency (Tap reading mode) and Ultra High Frequency (Long-distance reading mode with the addition of a Sled Handheld device / 2D barcodes).
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Online Offline Mode
Working at rural areas with limited connection? Anticipate it with the offline mode. Get more connected to your team and free to access your data wherever you are and whenever you want to. Being more flexible to do your work based on the functional system.
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Integrated System
Digital LogSheet comes with the best service for you by bringing all data and information needed into single application. Known as a data warehouse, it has already integrated and been able to accommodate information from other applications without having to switch apps. It helps you to avoid misinformation and wrong data entry.
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Real Time Data
The data presented is real and actual. Get the most updated and valid data from Digital LogSheet in no time and effortlessly.
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Custom Dashboard & Analytic
You can customize your dashboard page with the design you desire. You can organize analytic charts, add widgets and others to represent your personal business signature.
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Alarm & Notification
Equipped with reminders, you will not miss any important information. Everything is scheduled and recorded neatly. Moreover, you can set such warning like the upper and lower limit parameters of your work. Digital LogSheet will keep you notified when it reaches the limit.
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Live GPS Tracking
Provides detailed information about the location of items that are monitored, controlled, or inspected using a real map visualization.
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Multi-media Attachment
Allowing you to upload pictures, videos, and voice recordings, this platform helps you to run the inspection. The media attached considered as proof will ease the process of investigation and help the officers to fix the troubled items precisely.
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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
and Voice Input
Tired of inputting characters and numbers one by one to your device? Digital LogSheet offers a bright solution using OCR and voice command. You do not need to input data manually because OCR will recognize the letters and numbers scanned by your camera and record them automatically. A voice command feature will complete this platform in assisting you. All you need to do is saying the words and voila! It’s directly recorded and processed.
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dashboard iconCustom Dashboard
notif iconAlarm & Notification
gps iconLive GPS Tracking
attachment iconMulti-media Attachment
ocr iconOCR and Voice Input
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