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Maintenance management of facilities, tools, or equipment in the oil and gas industrial sector is an obligation which is carried out to ensure the product continuity. The challenge for operators is to ensure all equipment or tools are reliable and safe during the production process. The operators have to guarantee the maintenance of asset condition to avoid failure due to asset fault or other factors such as corrosion, obsolete equipment, and getting in the latter time of the machine.
oil gas plant

Digital LogSheet, in other way, is offering flexibility. It can handle problems in the field regarding monitoring, control, and inspection both onshore and offshore. All tools, facilities, or equipment in the oil and gas industry are very important to be normalized and get some deviation control. We provide solutions for monitoring oil and gas industrial pipelines, ensuring that there is no damage or leakage to the oil and gas pipes. The details of pipe location can also be accessed and by adding a multimedia attachment we can find the latest condition of any equipment, engine, pipe, and others.

We perform compressors and turbines monitoring as well to ensure efficiency. Considering danger in the oil and gas industry work environment is a must, therefore we provide support on monitoring, control, and inspection of safety equipment in industrial areas. Digital LogSheet is easy to use and supportive to industry various sectors. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and subscribe now!

Advantages of Digital LogSheet on Oil and Gas Plant

  • Easy to use and fast installation process
  • Using a Scan QR Code on equipment
  • Protect and prevent damage to equipment
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime 24 hours using a smartphone/tablet or web-connected to the internet
  • Saves time and resources in monitoring and controlling equipment
  • Added features according to customer requests and following existing problems in the field
asset monitoring asset monitoring
Assets are very important for companies, especially physical assets which are part of the operational process of an industry. Well-maintained assets will make the company's business run more smoothly.
coal power plant Coal Power Plant
Coal fuel industry will impact the environment around the power plant area or industrial area. These impacts, such as air pollution and other industrial waste, should be handled well.

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