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Power Plant

In the power plant industry, everything is monitored and controlled by operational workers in the field to check the condition of all generators in each unit. The operational manager also monitors and ensures that all generators are running well. The duties and responsibilities of operational workers are ensuring that each generator unit is in good condition that will not cause problems during the ongoing production process.
power plant

Operational officers need to be supported by a system helping the checking process, as well as reporting the damage occurs in the field. Observing the reports based on findings occur in the field can be done by every person in the office from the manager to the officers. We integrate your data that there will be no delay in information. Operational staffs do not need to use a lot of papers to check on each power plant unit. By using a Smartphone or Tablet, all officers can easily send data or reports occurring in the field.

Ease and Application of Digital LogSheet on Power Plant

  • Easy to use and fast installation process
  • Using a Scan QR Code on equipment
  • Protect and prevent damage to equipment
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime 24 hours using a smartphone/tablet or web-connected to the internet
  • Saves time and resources in monitoring and controlling equipment
  • Added features according to customer requests and following existing problems in the field
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