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Warehouse and Inventory Control

In the manufacturing industry, a warehouse is functioned as a storage area for both raw materials and processed materials. The products are usually stored in a warehouse before being marketed. That means all movements should be controlled such as the products going in and out in the warehouse and all transactions as well.

Warehouse monitoring using old methods is no longer suitable since the in the new era the growth of technology increases rapidly. The access to information is very fast making it easier for people to carry out their business processes. Digital LogSheet can help the warehouse monitoring process become faster and easier, with a developed system, all transaction processes and distribution of goods will be recorded properly with a low risk of data loss. By using QR Code scan, all goods or transactions are easier to monitor in a real-time and accurate result. The interesting fact is you are able to protect all workers in the warehouse using IoT to measure the temperature, oxygen or carbon dioxide in the warehouse as well. This is very important to support the sustainability of business processes in the company.

Ease and Application of Digital LogSheet on Warehouse Monitoring and Inventory Control

  • Easy to use and fast installation process
  • Using a Scan QR Code on equipment
  • Protect and prevent damage to equipment
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime 24 hours using a smartphone/tablet or web-connected to the internet
  • Saves time and resources in monitoring and controlling equipment
  • Added features according to customer requests and following existing problems in the field

Same with Inventory Management is an activity of monitoring and controlling inventory or stock in the warehouse, in other words ensuring and ensuring that the stock of goods or whatever is always in good and prime condition.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management plays an important role in a business that focuses on product sales. Usually, companies engaged in the retail business, distributors, manufactures of food and beverages. Stock management in the warehouse is very important so that business processes are not hampered or encountered problems. The development of Industry 4.0 was followed by the growth in the use of cutting-edge technology to help business processes in every company. For example in Manufacturing Order, using an inventory management system, all orders or request data can be easily inputted without using the old method with paper.

The reporting process is fast due to "Quick Real-Time Data". Reports or results in the form of graphs or report tables. Inventory Management also regulates stock-taking, this is a series of activities to calculate all products in the warehouse. These activities are very complex and quite consuming existing resources.

Inventory Management System helps the inventory process smoother and easier. By using QR Code / Barcode / RFID technology, the stocktaking process becomes easier. Able to monitor and control from the beginning to process inventory management stock in the warehouse. This system is also integrated so that user management can access it in real-time.

tools and equipment Tools and Equipment
Every industry has tools and equipment to assist them in doing their work in the company, especially for manufacturing industry.
power plant Power plant
In the power plant industry, everything is monitored and controlled by operational workers in the field to check the condition of all generators in each unit.

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